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Ocean Advisors, LLC, is an independent, fee-only investment management and financial planning practice.  My name is Drew Waterbury and I am the firm's principal advisor.  Clients will interact primarily with me but I have a deep bench of over 30 financial professionals, including other financial planners, investment advisors, attorneys, and CPA's, who could be working on with me at any time to help you reach your goals.  (See "The Team" on the side panel for more info.)

Time, Tools, and Training
The "Three T's" mentioned above are the unavoidable requirments for you to manage your financial life.  TIME suggests not only finding time in your schedule but also the experience of having handled your investments through various economic and market conditions.  I have over 30 years of experience in the investment industry which helps me to navigate the various cycles for my clients. 

If you have the experience and the time, you understand that is also an investment in TOOLS that can assist with analyzing investments, markets, and the changing landscape of financial planning.  These can add up to a sizable investment for an individual.  Ocean Advisors, LLC, makes the investment in the tools and technology so you don't have to. 

TRAINING can also expensive and time consuming.  This could be the cost of achieving professional designations and the cost to stay current, the cost of continuing education, the cost of training for new financial software, etc.  

Ocean Advisors, LLC, exists to save people both intangible (time) and the tangible costs (tools and training) of managing their financial lives.  And, the fact is, a number of people just don't have the interest in doing it themselves. 

Whatever your reason might be, our clients look to Ocean Advisors for financial guidance and management so they can focus on their careers, families, or just enjoying retirement. 

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