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The Ocean Advisors, LLC, Investment Newsletter for Self-Directed Investors


Ocean Advisors typically provides investment advice for sophisticated investors.   The strategies employed may include the use of options for hedging or creating income, leveraged funds, selling short, and other investment management tools.  While we take great pride in our portfolio management, we know not every investor needs or wants this type of service but could still benefit from our experience and investment insights. 

To accomodate these investors, we are making available an investment newsletter that will provide timely financial planning ideas and create investment portfolios available exclusively to our subscribers

Investing Made Easy!

To deliver our investment portfolios, we have partnered with Folio Investing, a low cost online brokerage that is designed around diversified portfolio investing for self-directed investors. Working together, it is easy to setup your account and start investing in our portfolios.

Get Started Today

Just follow the special link we provide to our subscribers to open your account online at Folio Investing. Once the account is open, you'll have access to our portfolios and can pick those that meet your needs.

Keep Up To Date

Email alerts are sent automatically when we change a portfolio, and it is easy to follow the link to Folio Investing and click their Update Button which makes all of the trades in your portfolio to synch your account to our master portfolio.  

Low Cost

The annual subscription for the new Ocean Advisors newsletter is just $300 ($350 if paying monthly) - less than you might be paying for this kind of advice from a full service broker.  Plus, Folio Investing offers two pricing plans to help you keep your trading costs low, whether you only make a few trades or invest regularly in a large and well diversified portfolio.




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