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External Resources

Ocean Advisors, LLC, has created relationships with outside professionals to help provide services to you.  This has resulted in a deep bench of over 50 independent professionals who serve as our "back office" to work behind the scenes and to help Ocean Advisors provide support services and planning recommendations. 

First Clearing Life Event Services provides professional guidance and resources to help  mange the financial implications of life changing events for my clients and prospects.  This group incorporates a team of 16 professionals including JD's, CPA's, and CFP®s who can help address the unique needs our clients might face.  In addition to the life event planning (such as divorce, college planning, elder care), there are specialized teams for executive services, estate planning, and tax and financial planning.  (Note: neither First Clearing nor Ocean Advisors offers individual tax planning beyond general concepts and suggest you consult a tax professional for these planning needs.)

TradePMR provides custodial services for clients of Ocean Advisors, LLC.  This provides yet another level of support for you as a client, as many administrative answers and support is just a matter of calling another number to access over 30 TradePMR team members who can help provide an answer or fulfill your requests.
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