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The biggest mistake an investor can make is to jump from one strategy to another based on recent performance numbers.  We see this happen often as investors pile into last year's "Best Mutual Fund" after the lion's share of the profits have been made.  While some advisors will suggest diversified investments, we suggest you consider building a portfolio of diversified strategies.  As such, we offer investment management that can incorporate the following strategies:

Asset Allocation Strategies

We work with institutional third party money managers to create portfolios based on economic factors.  Various models can be adopted depending on the client's risk/reward profile.  These models generally experience low turnover but are regularly monitored and rebalanced when deemed appropriate and with guidance from those institutions to better align with developing economic data and market conditions.

Tactical Allocation 

Investment markets are dynamic.  Tactical allocation seeks to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves as economic cycles change and sectors rotate in and out of favor. 

We use a proprietary method to manage models based on market factors.  While recognizing the importance of economic research, market conditions are often difficult to predict.  The Ocean Advisors, LLC, tactical model seeks to move between various asset classes based on momentum and relative strength.  While no one can predict sudden market drops, the model moves between equity and fixed income investments as market signals rotate between "risk on/risk off" indicators.  As a tactical portfolio, it is more actively traded.  

Dividend Investing

Between 1940 and 2010, dividends contributed 90% of the total return of the S&P 500. (Source: Guinness Atkinson Funds)  Ocean Advisors, LLC, can help construct a portfolio of stocks with an established history of increasing dividends.  Reinvesting the dividends can help mitigate some of the volatility inherent with stock investing and allows the investment to compound over time.  Since inflation will erode buying power the goal of this portfolio is to experience dividend growth at rate higher than inflation.  In some cases, we may also use an option strategy to enhance the portfolio cash flow further.  This is a portfolio strategy for long-term investors with historiclly low turn over. 

Option Strategies

Options are an overlooked tool that can be used to manage risk and generate income.  While many investors see options as too sophisticated for their purposes, more simple strategies can incorporate the use of covered call or protective put options.  An excellent tutorial can be found at the Chicago Board of Options website: http://www.cboe.com/Strategies/DefaultEquity.aspx

Each investor's circumstances can be different.  We will work with our clients to find a strategy that suits their needs.


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