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Ocean Advisors, LLC, provides investment guidance through a fee-only business model and has selected service providers on the behalf of our clients that help to more efficiently incorporate strategic allocation and tactical investment strategies. 

Ocean Advisors, LLC, does not custody assets.  TradePMR is our broker of choice; First Clearing, LLC, provides custodial and clearing services for TradePMR.  (Any checks should be made payable to First Clearing, LLC, with your account account number listed and mailed to TradePMR.)

Each client should set up internet access to their account through the following link (as a measure of security, First Clearing will not permit a third party, such as us acting as your advisor, to create online access):


In addtion, TradePMR can be reached with administrative questions by using the following link and toll-free number:

TradePMR (1-888-723-3767)






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