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Ocean Advisors, LLC
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Ocean Advisors offers investment management and financial planning through a fee-only platform.  We do not earn commissions from our recommendations but are compensated by a fee for assets under investment management or a fee for service arranged through financial planning.

Investment Management
Investment opportunities and risks change as financial markets experience cycles of economic expansion and contraction.  These cycles are sometimes further complicated by the geo-political events of an ever shrinking world. An experienced guide can help you navigate this world  
For almost 25 years we have been helping clients manage their savings and investments.  We save them the time, energy, and money required to do this on their own.  Our investment clients look to us for guidance in this area while they focus on their careers, families, or just enjoying retirement.   
Corporate Services
A 1996 report by the Association for Financial Counseling Planning Education noted that poor personal financial behaviour creates stress which, in turn, leads to lower employee productivity and lower company profits. 
We provide company sponsored financial literacy programs to help employees take control of their personal finances.  While these topics can be linked to the company's retirement plan programs, we include subjects that deal with everyday issues that can create a barrier to personal financial security. 



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